2011 MYS: FIPA Group Introduce New Construction Initiatives

By Ben Roberts

Giacomo Benelli, Marketing Director of the FIPA Group, joined us at the Superyachts.com Breaking News Centre to discuss the evolution of the yard’s construction ethics after the recent launch of the 50m Aifos superyacht.

It’s a 50m yacht, but a complete novelty in the market,” notes Giacomo. “It is made of aluminium; she’s got a hard chine hull, two powerful engines which are 4200hp each and is completely custom made from 0-100% by the owner, architects and thanks of course to the studio HydroTec. The guys from the shipyard did an amazing job … the boat is fantastic; 24 knots top speed and so many spaces inside.

Working to deliver yachts up to 80m through the CBI Navi shipyard, dubbed the ‘Aluminium Division’, the umbrella of the FIPA Group offers a number of expertise areas in construction; utilizing state-of-the-art GRP, Alloy, Aluminium and Steel construction methods to offer total customisation and variety across the ranges of yacht styles available.

When asked how the shipyard was planning to expand into the future, Giacomo concluded, “Due to the economical situation we are now facing a different market; we’re pushing a lot on the South American market and above all, the Asian market. So we have a partnership in China and we have some positive feedback from our clients and collaborators in the East.

For a more in-depth view into the construction methods of the FIPA Group, watch our full interview with Giacomo Benelli above. 

By Ben Roberts