2011 MYS: Henk de Vries Talks Expert Superyacht Construction

By Ben Roberts / Paul Joseph

One of the world’s elite yacht builders, Feadship arrive at Monaco Yacht Show 2011 with a period of considerable achievement under their belt.

The Dutch boat yard have brought along the fifth and latest F45 Vantage yacht Helix to showcase infront of the crowds of yachting enthusiasts and industry figures who descend on the show each year.

Superyachts.com sat down with Henk de Vries, founder of the Feadship De Vries Group to discuss Helix, another exciting new 99m project, their plans for the Monaco Yacht Show, and much more.

Mr De Vries began by telling us about Feadship’s plans for the show.

“We always try to get some of our boats in [to the show] – the reason is because we build custom and we build them for customers, so it’s not always easy to get access of the boat once it’s delivered.” Mr De Vries said.

“The best way to get potential purchases interested in you is not with slick models or beautiful brochures or wonderful videos … it’s the actual product that you want people to experience.”

At this year's Monaco Yacht Show, Feadship are exhibiting the 63m Lady Britt, which just came out of the yard earlier this year. Both of those can be visited at the show, but Mr De Vries warns that access will be limited.

Henk de Vries summised, “If you’re a budding designer interested to see our products, too bad for you, we only allow customers on board because we don’t want to intrude too much on the privacy of the owners.”

By Ben Roberts / Paul Joseph
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