2011 MYS: Julia Stewart Discusses Success & World Charter

By Ben Roberts

Imperial Yachts are one of the most successful specialist charter divisions in the world, controlling a number of highly sought-after and award-winning superyachts. After successfully signing the sale of a brand-new Amels 180, we spoke to Managing Director Julia Stewart about expansion and their position as project manager on a new 80m Abeking & Rasmussen yacht.

 Set up just five years ago, Imperial Yachts have been expanding throughout the struggles of the last few years; even expanding their office space in Monaco to deal with the demand. When asked about the success over 2011, Julia commented, “For us it has been a great year, we have done some good sales, we sold the Amels 180 which is our big project under construction, and we have also been appointed as project managers over the construction of an 80m Abeking, so it’s going to be a busy time for us.”

As a company which is only five years old, we asked how Imperial came to gain the recognition it does today.

“If you ask me what the secret of our success is, I would say it is because we truly take care of our customers,” adds Julia. “We provide proper technical support, we have got a very strong financial department to customise costs of operations, we’re very careful with our crew recruitment and we also do things like charter and brokerage.

In closing, Julia hinted at opening an office in London alongside a number of other hopes for 2011, “We hope to continue with our success and the projects under construction … we have some interesting developments, Arkley, the boat we manage, is going to the Maldives, Thailand and far afield so it’s a very exciting project.

By Ben Roberts