2011 MYS: Marcello Maggi on the 10th Anniversary of ISA

By Ben Roberts

Celebrating their tenth anniversary at the Monaco Yacht Show, President and Cofounder of ISA, Marcello Maggi walked us through his latest launches, Papi du Papi and Liberty, whilst recounting how he and his colleagues started one of the newest shipyards in Italy.

 Marcello Maggi learnt the finer details of the superyacht industry from scratch, working over 16 years in a respectable Ancona shipyard to then take the opportunity to start his own business at 35 years old. Ten years later, ISA is at the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show exhibiting two brand new superyachts, Liberty and Papi du Papi, and a third, recently refitted, Ellix Too.

ISA are in possession of 47,000 sqm of yard, located by 30,000 sqm of marina which the board of the company built from scratch; however, due to their consistent demand over the previous ten years, the company already has plans in place dubbed ‘Giant Shed’ for when the right project comes along.

When asked for his perception on the returning stability and confidence of the superyacht market, Marcello noted, “If we don’t look at the stock market, I have the perception that the market is coming back quietly. Maybe not at the good deals and prices we may have had as an industry in the past, but I am pretty positive we will have good visits probably because ISA is getting more and more in the league of the great superyacht builders.

Marcello Maggi finalised by informing us about his new venture into developing faster, greener superyachts to build on the demands of the buyer in a new yacht line named ‘Gran Turismo’. “They have a very nice external line, not too wide or too heavy to optimise fuel consumption and the external life outside the boat … this concept is done on sizes which are a bit different, we start on 32m, 40m, 50m and 60m.

By Ben Roberts