2011 MYS: Rene Van Der Velden Talks Exploration Design

By Ben Roberts

In 1994, René van der Velden decided to make a name for himself after a successful career working with other designers in the 80s. Since the inception of René van der Velden Designs, the Dutch studio has carved a unique characteristic style using ‘elegant lines’ and working on a number of distinctive projects; we asked Rene about his design style and his views on the attraction of explorer yachts.

When we last spoke to René van der Velden he was unveiling the new 39m Explorer Yacht 'AY44' which was entering construction with Alloy Yachts. One year on and René is displaying the same explorer yacht design at the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show with an increased client basis and his work on Moonen’s Livia sat proudly on the docks.

When asked what the attraction most potential clients faced when buying an explorer yacht, René stated, “the idea that you will have a vessel that you can go anywhere with when you want it. You may even necessarily really do it, but you have the possibility to go places where you otherwise would not go. That’s the attraction, and the idea of freedom that it gives.”

René van de Velden holds one of the most intriguing explorer yachts available on the market and a solid name in design and naval architecture. The Amersfoort based studio produce models and designs which the owner will make the most of; creating distinctive, functional, ergonomic and wonderfully elegant yachts instead of following the fantastical.

Watch the full interview with Rene van der Velden to gain an insight into where modern yacht design is heading and how explorer yachts are captivating an evolving buyer market.

By Ben Roberts