2020 Foiler: The Flying Yacht

By George Bains

For a superyacht owner, no escapade is complete without an arsenal of exhilarating toys and tenders ready to take them closer to the water. Finding a supplementary vessel which quenches this thirst for adventure, without sacrificing the high levels of luxury one becomes accustomed to on-board a superyacht, is a challenge. ENATA Marine’s 2020 Foiler flies above the competition in this respect, bringing excitement and undisrupted comfort in this truly unique innovation.

Flying Technology
The distinctive engineering behind the Foiler allows her to provide unparalleled maritime experiences. What is certain to excite the superyacht community is Foiler’s ability to fly 1.5 metres above the water. Above 18 knots, the Foiler extends out four hydrofoils, acting like wings on an aircraft, to lift the vessel above the waves and create a smooth passenger experience that avoids the slamming impact felt on conventional powerboats. And so the first flying yacht is born.

As the Foiler glides smoothly over waves, a joystick control extends a similar effortlessness to driving the yacht. The joystick, installed by the foredeck seats to control the speed and direction of the Foiler, feels like an extension of your body. Offering seamless and instinctive control, the joystick can be tilted to alter direction, whilst pulling back or pushing forward changes the speed. There is no shortage of power coming from the Foiler’s twin V8 marine diesel engines, and improvements to minimise drag and increase efficiency mean Foiler reaches an impressive 40 knots.

Undisturbed Comfort
Every aspect of the Foiler has been designed by the team at ENATA with the comfort of guests in mind. The cutting-edge hull and ground-breaking hydrofoil technology in the fully carbon fibre yacht virtually eliminates seasickness, while the design protects from spray and splashes. Due to the unique design of the Foiler, many of the discomforts of conventional yachts are avoided. Nor will experiences be tarnished by noise irritations as the new propulsion system runs extremely quietly, emitting a futuristic tone which is fitting for a flying yacht.

Superyacht Luxury
The Foiler is fully customisable, meaning that the personalised luxury that is found on-board a superyacht is extended to the tender. In the displayed model, the poem L’Homme et la Mer has been inscribed into the white teak deck upon request of the owner, an example of the bespoke details that can be added to the yacht.

All of this is packed into a yacht which has been designed to fit into the tender garage of a superyacht, making Foiler a dream addition for any superyacht owner. To get an up close look, the Foiler will be on display at the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show this October.

By George Bains