2023 Interiors: Iconic Yachts Brought to Life by Massari Design

By Heather Collier

2023 demonstrates an exciting year ahead for Massari Design as the interiors of the second largest yacht to be showcased at The Monaco Yacht Show 2022 have now been revealed to have been penned by the studio.

Massari Design offers clients a perfect blend of heritage, innovation and Italian flair, all whilst ensuring their desires are exceeded. 

Project X, crafted by shipyard Golden Yachts, boasts elegant combinations of essences, with over 40 variations of leather, marbles, precious woods, onyxes, metals with unique finishes and silk carpets, all of which have been graced with Massari's bespoke touch.

Massari are known for their meticuliousness. "The devil is in the detail", explains Massari's CEO, Alessandro Massari. "We really pay attention to the micro, as well as the macro."

For Project X, every detail was studied, down to the refined elements and workmanship, with each room illustrating its very own identity and precise characterisation.

Each individual area of the vessel has its own unique feel, but equally sits in perfect harmony with the others, with art works and visual storytelling displayed thoughtfully throughout.

Key particularities include the bar façade situated on the Upper Deck, characterised by undulating cladding formed by dozens of mesmerising glass bottles, a 4-metre long wine cellar inspired by a bank vault, and a comfortable, revolving sofa placed in the centre of the beach area which can be rotated and joined depending on the needs of the guests.

Another iconic project by Massari Design is the 52m CIAO, crafted by the CRN Gruppo Ferretti shipyard, and demonstrating a perfect symmetry and sense of sophistication. 

Each salon illustrates a dialogue with the outside, with large open spaces blending beyond each threshold. With the intention of no interruptions, vertical structures have been covered with mirrors.

All of the rooms are conceived with cosiness in mind. Warmth is injected into each room through the use of warm and neutral tones, enveloped in wood or metal with a champagne finish and soft finishes such as leather. 

The master cabin, designed down to the smallest detail to offer the best possible experience on board, features a mirrored wall that expands the perception of space.

One of Massari Design's most recent projects is the new production plant that Wider is building on the Fano seafront, which will be operational soon.

Another important project for the studio is the refitting works carried out for the 55-metre Amels La Masquerade, the 49-metre Rossinavi N2H and also the numerous private aircraft designed in collaboration with Boeing and Citadel.

Exciting projects for the year ahead sees the design firm already working on interiors for the 77-metre O'Rea by Cantiere Golden Yachts, the Darwin 86 by Cantiere delle Marche and a yacht over 80 metres long as well as refitting the Forever One by ISA Yachts and the O'Eva, 61 metres by CMN.

"The devil is in the detail. We really pay attention to the micro, as well as the macro."

Alessandro Massari, CEO, Massari Design


"The devil is in the detail. We really pay attention to the micro, as well as the macro."

Alessandro Massari, CEO, Massari Design
By Heather Collier