40 Knots Mazu 82 Delivered to New Owner

By Jenna Mehdi

Turkish shipyard Mazu Yachts has announced a new Mazu 82 has been delivered to its owner. The 25 metre yacht is capable of reaching top speeds of up to 40 knots, making this model one of the fastest superyachts available on the market today.

The Mazu 82 is extremely fast and light, a sporty superyacht perfectly equipped to meet the needs of the shifting demographic of yacht owner. Powered by three Volvo Penta IPS units (1,000HP each) and built of a carbon composite structure in a lightweight sandwich construction, the Mazu 82 has been designed to accommodate for maximum rigidity and strength. She has been given a deep-V hull with a deadrise of 19 degrees in the stern and 28 degrees in the bow, boosting her up to record speeds of 40 knots at full load, and a cruising speed of 33 knots. 

“The hull lines of the new Mazu 82 were designed in-house to provide a perfect balance between top speed, seakeeping capability and fuel efficiency,” says Halit Yukay, lead designer and CEO of Mazu Yachts. “At cruising speed the yacht burns around 600 litres of fuel per hour for a range of just under 400 nautical miles or around 12 hours cruising.”

At 25 metres, the Mazu 82 offers much more volume than the yard’s previous 62-foot flagship. The shipyard can accommodate up to 30 metres, and as Yukay points out, building smaller yachts presents the challenge of less space and subsequently less people being able to work on board at any one time. Perhaps surprisingly for a model of this speed, there is much more free-standing furniture on board the Mazu 82, custom-designed by celebrated designer Tanju Özelgin. 

The Mazu 82’s exterior profile is characterised by a flush main deck with no steps, and sharp angular lines of the all-glass deckhouse. The shipyard has striven to use one-piece glass panes where possible, to accommodate for seamless views. The main deck is given an airy, loft-like feel by its sliding aluminium roof, custom-made by OPAC in Italy. 

The owner specially requested the yard to modify the aft deck design to include terraced steps leading down to the swim platform. These steps are wide enough to lay on and sunbathe, and also function as a socialising area for guests with close proximity to the sea. 

“Multifunctional design was very important for the owner,” says Yukay. “In fact, the open foredeck has three different uses: as a sunbathing area, a dining area for 12 people, and a screen can be set up to turn it into an open-air cinema.”

The Mazu 82’s new owner is looking forward to spending much time onboard his new home-at-sea, and intends to use his yacht as a floating office well into the winter season. 

Mazu Yachts joins a fleet of Turkish shipyards rising to prominence and making a name for Turkish build on the global stage, as last year Bilgin Yachts reported the launch of Turkey’s largest ever yacht - 80m Tatiana - who is available for charter with IYC. 


By Jenna Mehdi
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