5 Signature Design Elements of WIDER 150 Superyacht

By Ben Roberts

Each individual design innovation throughout WIDER 150 builds a bigger picture of a next generation superyacht. We take a look at five key design points providing owners with a unique lifestyle; custom created by the designers, engineers and builders of the WIDER 150 superyacht Bartali.

WIDER has stripped back the very idea of a yacht to create a new range of unique lifestyle vessels. The team behind the WIDER 125, 150 and 165 repositioned areas, opened new spaces and implemented revolutionary ideas to create a completely different vessel.

We take a look at the 150 for a better idea of how smaller innovations have created a new school of thought in modern yacht design which is naturally attracting younger owners.

(Lack of) Vibration
The whisper quiet WIDER 150 superyacht was awarded a perfect score in the RINA Comfort Class earlier this year. The remarkably low noise and vibration levels create an atmosphere of complete serenity on board, making her the quietest yacht on the water.

Among the yachts we have certified to date, the WIDER 150 is undoubtedly the best,” explains Fiorenzo Spadoni, RINA Manager, Italy Yachting Centre. “Even at 14 knots, to be sure that the yacht is underway, you need to look out the window!

These results are primarily due to the use of a diesel electric propulsion systems but additionally thanks to the positioning of the diesel generators in the bow.

The placement of the technical spaces forward in the bow, means that the 150 is not only the quietest yacht on the water, but a yacht with unmatched living space.

Owner’s Apartment
The living space in question houses innovations in technology, lifestyle and storage. One of the main open spaces is the Owner’s Apartment. This 75sqm space divides into two areas at the push of a button, moving silently to create one area for work and life on board, and another for rest and relaxation.

The airy and expertly styled space provides room to breathe with or without the dividing wall in place, and most notably, our third installment in the five innovations of the WIDER 150.

One particular feature stands out amongst the vast space of the Owner's Apartment, yet stays completely hidden. Where most lateral balconies would have teak laden over a section of wall, the WIDER 150 Owner’s balcony fits perfectly in with the natural stone surroundings of the interior design.

At the push of a button - owner autonomy being a recurring theme on board - the balcony folds 90° over the water, where a teak deck then slides out flush with the owner’s flooring and protecting the original stone.

This balcony also has it’s own automated window, which opens and closes when the yacht is underway to bring a sense of the ocean into the main suite.

Another key area showcasing the expert use of space is the full-beam skylounge. Thanks to two lateral “wings” on either side of the exterior, guests can enjoy the light and open space with no sacrifice made to external walkways or crew areas.

The skylounge itself features a remarkable - still silent - sliding door which allows guests to feel the breeze of the ocean in complete comfort or step out of the living space and stand directly over the water at their leisure.

Tender Bay
The WIDER 150 superyacht's beach club is something truly remarkable. For a 47 metre yacht to hold not only a tender garage with enough space for the effortlessly cool WIDER 32, but also have that convert into a beach club and pool with protection from ocean life is a unique innovation in itself.

Due to maneuvering the technical spaces to the bow, the aft section of the yacht completely opens up to create an area for guests to enjoy the ocean. Lateral aft platforms fold to the water, the stern opens to release the stylish tender and then rejoins to create a beach club with no equal in the 40 metre range.

"We want to be a good player in the market because we think we have something to say."

Tilli Antonelli - Founder & CEO of WIDER


"We want to be a good player in the market because we think we have something to say."

Tilli Antonelli - Founder & CEO of WIDER
By Ben Roberts
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