81m Project M: The High Performance ‘Private Island’

By George Bains

The latest superyacht concept from Nick Stark Design is one which exemplifies the designer’s flair for the creative. 81m catamaran superyacht Project M offers sanctuary and light in a high-performance ‘Private Island’.

Project M is another gem added to the diverse portfolio of forward-thinking superyacht concepts developed by Nick Stark since opening his own studio in early-2021. The former Silver Yachts Senior Naval Architect has already captured the imagination of the industry with his Constellation Series and crystal lattice 94m Project Crystal.

Having delivered many iconic vessels during his time at Silver Yachts, Stark is certainly carving out his own distinguished reputation true to the Australian heritage of innovation. You can read more about Nick Stark’s unique approach to superyacht design here.

The 81m catamaran Project M has a beam of 22m, offering an incredible volume that serves both as a luxurious sanctuary and a palatial party space.

“The huge internal spaces afforded by a catamaran allow for unparalleled flexibility for the owner to craft their dream yacht,” said Nick Stark. “The 2690GT design mixed with the efficient catamaran platform gives you essentially a high-performance private island.”

The top deck is devoted to the owners. Relaxation and rejuvenation are the story here, with the lounges, jacuzzi and private dining space on the forward deck flowing through to the sumptuous cabin. His and hers bathrooms are to port with freestanding baths and sweeping yet private views of the surrounds.

 Aft on the owners’ deck is a capacious outdoor relaxing and entertaining space, including a pool. At night the purpose-built lighting and DJ system avails just the right energy for whatever mood the evening requires. 

 The sweeping staircase from the owners’ deck above is echoed by a stunning two storey glass feature wall, aft of the wheelhouse and ships offices on the upper deck. An intimate lounge is to port, past the grand piano and theatre room to the sunken lounge and dining area. Retract the aft doors to connect not only with the world around, but also below through the glazing incorporated into the deck.

 Huge windows also enhance the guest accommodation on the main deck.   The lush, custom interiors are surrounded by panoramic views.

 "The extensive glazing makes this a yacht of light," explained Stark. "The key to this design was to bring the outside in, to respect and admire the beauty of the world while simultaneously providing sanctuary from the elements and also symbolically from life's ceaseless complications. "

 Notably crew amenity is also a high priority, explained Stark. "Crew wellbeing is crucial. We need to ensure that they are in the best space to give the owners and guests an ideal experience while on board, but more importantly to be able to make the best technical and management decisions when under pressure." To this end, whole sections of the port main deck are given over to the crew lounge, gym, and dining rooms with areas in which to gather and areas for withdrawing.

 Project M boasts three tender compartments, with one between the hulls aft that also serves as a movable beach club deck. This tender floor can be lowered for the launching of tenders but may also be rotated to create a waters' edge escape or the ideal launch pad for diving.

 The optimised efficiency of the catamaran hull configuration allows for palatial interior spaces, but importantly also allows for efficient high-speed cruising and repositioning. "It is important that the design is not only beautiful, but performant–comfort, lifecycle cost and environmental impact are all as central to the success of this design as the striking first impression."

"The 2690GT design mixed with the efficient catamaran platform gives you essentially a high-performance private island."

Nick Stark


"The 2690GT design mixed with the efficient catamaran platform gives you essentially a high-performance private island."

Nick Stark
By George Bains