A Captain’s Perspective on Cruising in China

By Ben Roberts

With the superyacht community on a gradual ascent from nascent, the education and safety surrounding crew and service is growing more discerning. Captain Thorsten Reimann of the JP110 is a European in Chinese waters, and a man in the know about how China is calling for expertise.

“It’s interesting to deal with a crew of Chinese because they’re very low educated in the maritime industry, so I’m here to build up a new quality that’ what [JP Yachts] hired me for. They want European standard. The government made a new Captain’s license in China and that means not just everybody can drive a boat.”

A new Captain’s license issued by the Chinese government is now officially in place, with a state-sanctioned maximum of 12 guests on board keeping safety entirely in mind.

“Before there was no limit. We got out on sea four times a week with clients who hire the boat per hour or day, we go and make day trips because we have limitations. Everything needs to be registered and permitted. When we get permission, then we can go out and stay in these boundaries.”

These key points have brought the thirty year experience of Thorsten Reimann to JP Yachts and on board the JP110 to push European quality.

By Ben Roberts