A Design Insight Into New Ocea Nemo 44 Yacht

By Ben Roberts

The Ocea Nemo 44 is a new concept which is merging two polar opposites in terms of the perfomance capabilities of sports yachts, and the rugged storage options of the support vessel. Creator of the new yacht concept, Aldo Mann of MC Yacht & Co. International, and Naval Architect Fulvio de Simoni shed some light on how they’re bringing a whole new design approach to life.

The Ocea Nemo 44 is now nearing the end of its technical drawing phase and what better time to get an insight into a new breed of superyacht.

Aldo Manna saw this project as an opportunity to create the world’s first Sports Utility Yacht, and took the new idea to Fulvio de Simoni - renowned Naval Architect - who was able to bring the vision that one step further.

“More than 20 years spent dealing with yachts brought me to the following conclusions: owners of 100 plus feet vessels [use yachts] as luxury hotels, pampered with all comforts, [yet] somehow slightly bored.” Explains Manna. “Even when they drop anchor in a beautiful bay, they often perceive the lack of contact with sea and few chances of spending time, doing all those activities which made them loving yachts.”

“Ocea Nemo 44 aims to fulfil the growing demand of a brand-new superyacht class, that can be compared to SUVs and has been combined into a “Sport Utility Yacht” concept,” he continues. “In other words an all-around seafarer boat, able to sail in deep waters with comforts and luxury, but still in extensive and close touch with water and sea-life.”

“Ocea Nemo 44 has been conceived and designed [with] a full beam water-line garage, where an up to 8 metre length super-tender can be stowed - the biggest tender on a 44 metres length yacht,” adds Fulvio de Simoni, “together with a 5 metres crew-tender, a wakeboard runabout, wave-runners and an extensive selection of water toys, which are a must-have during sunny days on anchor.

“On the Raised-Deck, in-between main and upper decks, you can have in the meantime a 40 knots-speed Walk-around, a sailing Day-Cruiser, or a deep-sea Submarine. As far as outdoor layouts, we aimed to offer the best in terms of good life on board, starting from a 25 square metres Beach-Club that, together with above mentioned raised and upper decks, bring open-air living areas, to a remarkable 300 square metres.

“For all those owners less sporty and more devoted to glamour, a sea or fresh water 20 square metres swimming pool, can be placed on demand onto Raised-Deck, while on Main-Deck, we designed an unique 30 square metres “Veranda”, breezy and protected equally, which is a one of a kind and easily accessible in just 5 stairs, both from raised and upper deck.

“Big volumes and stowing areas, allow to keep on board a drop keel sailboat, a Moth-Sail and a huge quantity of floating devices, as sups, kayaks, kite-boards, seabobs, jet-boards and all kind of “Over the Railing” you may wish (climbing-walls, sea-pools, sliders, etc.)

“A distinctive feature of this project and, quite uncommon on superyachts, is we managed to reduce dramatically big stairs for connecting decks. The final layout, thanks to smooth insertion of the raised deck, contributed in the perceiving of a stern seamlessly area and volumes.” Concludes de Simoni.

While still a concept, this new yacht is offering owners a combination of attractive size, style, space and speed alongside a plethora of options for your toys. We look forward to following the project as it progresses.

By Ben Roberts