A Gourmet Tour of Capri On Board Charter Yacht Nafisa

By Ben Roberts

Touring the Amalfi Coast on board a yacht is one of the more sophisticated experiences on the water. We take a closer look at the Italian Riviera and look at the growing popularity of gourmet tourism in Capri, heading from deck to shore to sample the finest restaurants in the region.

Flying Charter, experts in the Italian way of life on the water, introduced us to Nafisa - a 34 metre yacht with classic ‘gentleman’ style - the itinerary of which, is an ideal example of Italian gourmet travel. 

An island surrounded by deep blue waters, Capri holds some of the world’s best chefs and most historic restaurants from small pied dans l’eau eateries to huge Roman-style villas.

To inspire a gourmet journey of your own, we’ve compiled a list of Flying Charter’s most recommended restaurants to visit when spending time on board a superyacht in Capri.

Paolino Lemon Tree
Moonlit evenings have an even more bewitching power here, where you can live magical moments witnessed by a host of celebrities who have contributed to the success of this enchanting place, “under Paolino Lemon Trees.” Set in a wonderful lemon garden, Paolino serves only the very best products. The same attention has been given to the selection of wines, fresh fish and outstanding meat.

Il Riccio
Dating back to the 1950s, O’Riccio is a sea-edge fish restaurant nestled between the rock and the sea, just a few metres away from the legendary Blue Grotto. This restaurant was the happy hangout in the 1960s for people like Jackie Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis. Homage to the region’s maritime tradition is paid with fresh fish and shellfish. Guests can eat, sunbathe and swim. The restaurant is easily accessible both by car and by boat.

Rendezvous at the Quisisana Hotel
Dark wood panelling, cabinets filled with prestigious vintages, and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Capri’s boutique-lined Via Camerelle: the dining room of Grand Hotel Quisisana’s Rendez-Vous restaurant. Open all day long, this intimate restaurant is particularly popular in the evenings, when guests dine by candlelight, enjoying delicious cuisine and a truly unique view of Capri’s most fashionable street by night.

Located in the centre of Capri, this restaurant is really casual with a homey atmosphere. Aurora has gained widespread international popularity for its excellent Mediterranean cuisine and for its traditional Neapolitan and Caprese specialities. Chef Franco Aversa adds a pinch of creative flair, which places the Aurora among the best restaurants on the island.

La Canzone Del Mare
A historic restaurant with view of the Bay of Marina Piccola and the Faraglioni rocks founded in the 1940s, by the British music-hall comedienne Gracie Fields. The Canzone del Mare is a beach club and, at the same time, created what was soon to become one of the island’s finest eateries. Here clients can enjoy Capri’s excellent fish cuisine and an array of Mediterranean specialities, served in the main dining room, in the veranda or on the magnificent sea view terrace.

Ristorante Mamma’
A brand new restaurant where guests enjoy exquisite and typical Neapolitan cuisine on the island of Capri. Right on the steps of the Piazzetta, Mamma is where the award-winning chef, Gennaro Esposito performs his culinary magic. The freshest fish, the best mozzarella and the tastiest grown-at-home (by Chef Esposito himself) vegetables will delight any palate.

Food plays a major part in the discovery of Capri’s natural beauty, tasting cultural heritage while cruising the crystalline waters. The on board menu of Nafisa - masterminded by Chef Antonio Costagliola - is a focal journey in Mediterranean cuisine which explores the best ingredients and travels the path of traditional to leave those on board wanting more.

Real stories of discovery are all about how, not where, and a yacht offers the platform in which to explore the famed island. For more information on chartering Nafisa and to find out how to tour Capri in style, click here.

By Ben Roberts
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