A Jewel of the Ocean with Bernard Gallay

By Christina Tsangaris

Like a peek into the future, the effervescent Ocean Sapphire pushes the boundaries of innovation, splits opinion and indulges the more acquired taste in the mode of yacht design. The sketches of her 2010 build today is as cutting edge cool that embodies the ellipsism of designs to come, ahead of the curve 18 years later and ready and raring for charter.

A look beyond the horizon of any West Mediterranean landscape from the crushed-pastel allure of Capri to the turquoise technicolour of the Balearic Islands, Ocean Sapphire is well and truly in her charter element.

Her sharp silhouette, at 14 knots that feel every inch a galaxy away from nature’s backdrop, and thrusts the attention of onlookers as just a part of her charm. Inviting 12 inside to her contemporary living space, she continues the theme inside out, commanding gushing guests to revel in her retro 41-metre sector.

Step inside and the theme takes reign once more; modern musings by Norman Foster ensuring her interior furnishings settles you into both comfort and luxury. Bold colours play host as a punchy and plush palette inviting family and friends to frolik in style between alfresco sunset spots, and cosy indoor dining, where technology teams with her state of the art gymnasium, open air entertainment.

For when you have exhausted utopia, shopping the glitzy shorelines of the Cote d’azure or stumbling across the unassuming historical wonders of the world, there is Ocean Sapphire. A treasured sanctuary that awaits you with a futuristic twist, she catches the eye-and heart-of those who stay.

Ocean Sapphire is available for charter  this Summer and Winter Season in the West and East Mediterranean, as well as for sale with Bernard Gallay Yacht Brokerage.

By Christina Tsangaris