A New Collaboration Brings Ascendance to the World

By Ben Roberts

Developed by Andy Waugh Yacht Design, in line with German superyacht builder Nobiskrug, the 111 metre Ascendance design has arrived on the market and is bringing high-grade technology and construction expertise to potential owners in search of inspiration.

Engineered to be 25% lighter than any yacht in the 100m+ size range, this highly efficient superyacht features advanced steel and carbon fibre construction from Nobiskrug, and a slender, low volume hull design which works with the naval architecture to create a large yacht with volume and stability.

The exterior styling of the concept disguises the practical nature of the vessel using a strong diagonal feature and segmented graphical elements to add dynamism and lightness.

The interior of Ascendance has been developed with the recently founded, London & Paris based design firm ‘Motor Yacht Design Company’ or ‘MYDco’.

There are 8 guest cabins situated on the main deck forward above which the owner’s suite occupies the expansive forward upper deck. The owner’s suite dressing and study are grand and spacious while the bedroom crowns the deck, wrapped by 180 degrees of angled windows with dramatic views forward.

On the lower deck aft the folding shell doors on either side of the hull open up the 180m squared gym and beach lounge to the elements inspiring health and leisure.

A feature tropical fish tank, centred along the spine of the room flickers playful glowing reflections onto the sculpted oolitic limestone floor, which is shaped to mimic the rippled sand in a shallow lagoon.

The main lobby connects all decks with an extraordinary ‘floating’ elevator that will create a feeling more like being launched into a spaceship via a beam of light than being confined as with even the most innovative of traditional elevators. Wrapping around this lift is a cantilevered staircase fixed to a faceted rock wall.

Combining the engineering of Nobiskrug Superyachts with cutting edge naval architecture and design from Andy Waugh Yacht Design and MYDco the Ascendance project is a fully resolved, ‘ready to build’ concept. The design will appeal to clients looking for something modern and exciting but with classic elegance and no compromise on usability.

By Ben Roberts
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