A Spotlight on Sailing with Perini Navi's S/Y Seven

By Christina Tsangaris

With the culture of sailing slowly shifting, and the boom of motoryachting dominating the demographics of builders and buyers of today, Perini Navi's S/Y Seven, a 60-metre sail giant, proves striking the balance between style, space and performance is always possible...

Signalling the height of sailing yacht luxury, Perini Navi's S/Y Seven marks a revolutionary new era for the sailing yacht sector. Perini Navi's impressive DNA as a sailing yacht and motor yacht brand waves the flag for the industry answering the demands of both sectors. 

With sailing yachts conventionally associated with a connection to the sea and a lifestyle on the water rather than associated to the plush aesthetics of the motoryacht world, it is refreshing to see S/Y Seven breathing fresh air into the industry by bridging such a gap. 

Reshaping the sentiment of 'life on the water' entirely, S/Y Seven redefines the role of the sailing yacht, and proves Perini Navi are well ahead of the curve. A luxurious vessel with space, style and performance, it reminds yacht owners that the domain of sumptuous interior living extends beyond the motoryacht division, and can indeed be found on some of the biggest, sleekest and stylish sailing yachts in the world.

S/Y Seven, attributed to the owner’s seven grandchildren, showcases a space made as much for sailing at sea with family, as it is resting in relinquished relaxation. Its architectural splendour is evidenced best through a structure made entirely for family in mind. Ron Holland and Dante O Benini Architects and Partners present a space that blends form with function, practicality with aesthetic and space with spec, inviting guests to enjoy the space as a family at sea, as much in its interior as its exterior, without losing the magic of its sailing ties. 

S/Y Seven, although a sailing yacht at heart, is unforgettably luxurious. So much so, you could be dining at a luxury hotel anywhere in the world, or residing into the soft neutral colour palette of a residential space in chic city living. A further look inside and her 5 staterooms for 10 guests offer a welcomed reprieve into stylish comfort, perfectly matching her 60-metre stature, a silhouette of beauty at sea. 

Paying homage to her sailing roots, S/Y Seven is a sailing yacht that can be described as a 'modern classic', breaking traditions in atypical sail standards by reinventing expectations and 'throwing away the rulebook'. As a pioneer in the sailing division, Perini Navi's S/Y Seven reminds the industry that the ability to evolve to opening the gap to new generations of sailing-lovers means introducing a balance between aesthetic and function, where plush perks of luxury living merge with a connection to the sea, arguably only a sailing yacht can bring. S/Y Seven proves the culture of sailing is as alive today as ever, as the industry is responding and rethinking the role of a sailing yacht. 

By Christina Tsangaris
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