A Superyacht Concept for the Modern Age: 43m Project Estrade

By Jenna Mehdi

Bannenberg & Rowell seem to be unstoppable at the moment. From Lurssen’s Project Hawaii to Echo Yachts’ 56m HSV, design news seems inordinately inundated with fresh announcements from this against-the-grain British studio. And Bannenberg & Rowell has more than maintained this unconventional brand with the introduction of its latest 43m Project Estrade, announced by a sentiment not often heard in yachting: ‘Dress up by all means, but this yacht is not about hedonism.’

Dickie Bannenberg has honoured and expanded upon his father’s value for the more lateral approach to design. Jon Bannenberg, considered by many to be the father of modern yacht design, is often quoted as saying ‘nobody needs a yacht’ - a statement the studio reminded us of in its latest announcement. 

Yet Jon Bannenberg was also an outside-the-box thinker, extremely progressive for his time and a proponent of the belief that ‘a straight line is the cheapest distance between two points’. This nonconformity, alternativity - this inviolability of individual choice - has been a tangible presence throughout Dickie Bannenberg and Simon Rowell’s illustrious careers. From some of the world’s largest yachts to the most head-turning, brow-lifting designs, Bannenberg & Rowell have always striven to go further than create, to innovate. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident though than in the modesty of 43m motor yacht, Project Estrade.

Estrade is a superyacht for the era in which we now find ourselves. Relaxed, laid back, with utter tranquility and connectivity at the very core of her design. Housing room for 10 guests, with expansive spaces in which to relax and socialise, Estrade embodies the simplicity and necessity we have all been forced to reconnect with this year in one way or another. She is not over-the-top or excessive in layout or features; a large open beach club affords utter connectivity to the seas and her navigable size guarantees accessibility to any port. Estrade is the perfect reminder of what is important, what is enjoyable, as well as what is not. As Bannenberg & Rowell perhaps best put it, ‘We have designed a yacht for the sunlit uplands which we hope lie ahead.’ 

We would like to applaud the studio on designing a concept as beautifully simplistic in sentiment as she is in aesthetic design.

By Jenna Mehdi
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