A Superyachts.com Round-Up: The Best Exteriors of 2022

By Emily Dawkins

An incredible number of superyachts have entered the water over the course of 2022, with each one flaunting an impressive combination of eye-catching designs, innovative features and efficient solutions. Despite the industry’s move to more sustainable vessels, superyacht design has not been hindered: in fact, 2022 has seen some of the most attractive exterior profiles launched. Here, we take a look at Superyachts.com’s round up of the best exterior profiles of 2022.


Builder: Amels 

The launch of 60m motor yacht COME TOGETHER in March marked a new era for Dutch shipyard Amels. The first unit from the brand-new Amels 60 model, COME TOGETHER features a timeless profile designed by award-winning yacht designer Espen Øino. 

The 60m vessel flaunts a sleek metallic pebble grey custom colour, unique trapezium-shaped windows, and an extensive use of glass across her exterior. COME TOGETHER has an exceptionally distinct exterior, adorned with iconic Amels DNA features. She is a statement of a new generation for Amels in many ways.


Builder: SilverYachts

A stand-out superyacht exterior of 2022 is Australian shipyard SilverYachts’ 85.3m explorer yacht WANDERLUST, previously known as GLOBALFAST. Launched in September, WANDERLUST is the second yacht from the yard’s all-aluminium Silver World Explorer series, the first being the recognised M/Y BOLD. 

The exterior design of WANDERLUST was designed by Monaco-based yacht designer Espen Øino, who once again showcases his wide range of yacht designs through WANDERLUST's striking boxy appearance and monochromatic finish. Her triangular windows, clean lines and overall strong profile, make her a truly stand-out yacht on the water.


Builder: Turquoise Yachts

Turquoise Yachts wowed the industry in September when it revealed the stunning 53m motor yacht JEWELS. Adorned in the trademark turquoise blue, JEWELS’ elegant exterior was penned by Miami design studio DeBasto Designs. 

Aside from her striking colour, which is complimented by a gleaming white superstructure, long sweeping windows on her main deck and top deck provide not only undisturbed views from the inside, but offer a stunning dark addition to her profile. JEWELS is an impeccable example of the breathtaking creations from the Turquoise yard. 


Builder: Bilgin Yachts

The unique red hull of Bilgin Yachts’ 80m LEONA is a worthy addition to the best exteriors of 2022. Another colourful addition to this year’s superyacht fleet, LEONA was launched only last month, with her striking red hull drawing the attention of the industry. 

The smart exterior design of LEONA was crafted by Antalya-based design studio Unique Yacht Design, who decorated her profile with sharp, yet harmonious lines. LEONA is the second superyacht from the Turkish yard’s 263 series: a proud and striking addition to the Bilgin Yachts fleet.

62m RIO

Builder: CRN

A notable exterior design that joined the fleet of Italian shipyard and brand of Ferretti Group, CRN, is the beautiful 62m motor yacht RIO. Characterised by four grand decks with large windows stretching the full length of the vessel, RIO has been impressively designed by Dutch design and architecture studio Omega Architects.

Sleek curves and sharp lines have been combined on RIO’s exterior, evoking a sense of strength and creating an overall timeless profile. A clear example of this is her sharp vertical bow, which perfectly contrasts the smooth slope at her stern.

By Emily Dawkins
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