A1 Announces New Shipyard Development in Greece

By George Bains

A new shipyard development will be coming to the Greek island of Rhodes. A1 Yacht Trade Consortium, which has been at the forefront of yachting in Greece for more than twenty years, has announced that it has chosen Rhodes for its latest new and innovative business expansion plan…

The leading yachting professional services firm received confirmation of its successful bid for the Shipyard in the area best known as Kanamat, close to the city of Rhodes. With a total land area of 65.000sqm and sea area of 45.000sqm, this will be counted as one of the largest shipyards dedicated exclusively to yacht repair in the Mediterranean. The island also benefits from good transport links and one of the best climates in the Mediterranean. 

The exciting new project will be developed into a yacht repair facility of the highest standard, which will substantially impact both the yachting industry and the local economy. 

A1 Yachting is well known to yachts and has always encouraged a very client-centric ethos which it will bring to this new repair facility, providing care for both yachts, owners and crew. 

The company has for some years run the shipyard, with its current, very basic infrastructure and services for smaller local yachts. The vision for the future, however, far exceeds current facilities and services. A fundamental restructuring of the shipyard will create a modern facility for yachts with high-quality services and international standards of infrastructure.

The shipyard plans to incorporate a Syncrolift system with the capacity to accommodate vessels up to 75 metres, as well as a Travel Lift with a lifting capacity of up to 1000 tonnes.

Part of the sea area will be utilised as a small, but fully equipped, marina able to host vessels of up to 100 metres in length. All of this will be based on the pleasant and popular island of Rhodes, surrounded by captivating natural beauty and radiating with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. 

In combination with the teams’ many years of experience in managing refit and repair projects in the luxury yacht segment, and the geographical advantages of Rhodes, it is expected that the development will attract yachts to the East Mediterranean and take the Greek refit and repair sector to a new level. 

By George Bains