AIM Group Host the First Ever Editor's Choice Awards

By Ben Roberts

Taking place on the weekend of the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, the Active Interest Media (AIM) Group hosted the first ever Editor’s Choice Award at the luxurious W Hotel to benefit the Nova Southeastern University’s Oceanographic Institute.

Well respected members of the marine industry appeared in droves on Friday to a palatial set up, lavish cocktails and gourmet food by the revered cook Steve Mortorano.

Tonight was a celebration of what the industry has to offer,” explains Gary DeSanctis of AIM Group, “the finest yachts, the finest mid-range yachts, boats, center console boats; everything from 20 feet on up to 120 feet was celebrated this evening and we just wanted to give back to the industry for supporting what we do everyday.”

Given the eventful weather conditions of the last few days, the AIM Group was forced to improvise and move the award ceremony to the W Hotel. However, the success of the evening and the incredible turn out was unmarred by the tropical storm taking place outside.

Not only was the event a celebration of the marine industry but part of the evenings proceeds go to the Nova Southeastern University’s Oceanographic Institute – a world leader in marine biological research with a focus on scientific coral reef preservation and shark conservation.

Watch the above video for the opinion of the industry or, for more information on the evening, click here.

By Ben Roberts