Airbus Helicopters: Fly Or Be Flown

By Ben Roberts

Stepping off a helicopter after flying from yacht to shore is, needless to say, the very epitome of sophistication. Helicopter innovators Airbus are nothing short of purveyors in this lifetime aspiration, and know everything about creating the ultimate luxury machines for yacht owners and high flyers alike.

Speaking to Alvaro Beteta Meredith of Airbus, we found out what it takes to build a helicopter of the highest possible standard and how that fits into the lifestyle of yacht owners.

How do Airbus helicopters add a new dimension to the yacht owner’s roster of toys?
"Fly or be flown, the aviation experience or the efficient way of getting from A to B, luxury travel or an extension of the office. All these requirements are catered for, but not simply in the choice of helicopter.

The bespoke helicopter solutions provided by Airbus Helicopters, in addition to the design of customised fittings, puts the company as the partner of choice for the Private and Business customers."

Why is a helicopter more necessity than frivolity?

"For some, time is the most valuable commodity and a helicopter is the most efficient and effective form of transport as well as an extension of their personal environment where they can conduct business, relax or even begin their lifestyle experience as part of a leisure escapade.

For others, hands-on flying and the experience of the most dynamic aviation experience is the commodity par excellence. Airbus Helicopters caters for the needs of both with the widest range of helicopters available on the market.

In both cases, helicopters offer the opportunity to reach otherwise inaccessible places, offering our customers the opportunity to go from luxury solitude (remote coastal locations) to urban leisure (restaurants, etc) with one flight.

And that’s what makes Airbus Helicopters a natural choice for the yachting market. Airbus Helicopters can provide discerning customers with tailored solutions to all their needs."

What Airbus models
 are ideal for a life on the water?
With the biggest range of helicopters on the market, Airbus Helicopters has a product which meets the needs of each customer.

From the single-engine and agile H125, ideal for customers who enjoy the thrill of flying; to the twin-engine, 5 tonne H155, the aircraft that allows users to get on board the yachting lifestyle long before you even approach the water.

The 3.6 tones twin engine H145 is extremely compact making it also ideal for super yacht owners, who now have the choice of ordering it in a Mercedes Benz Style design.

How do you encapsulate a luxury lifestyle on board some of your higher-end models?

"This is a deeply personal decision of each and every customer and it relies on much of how a customer envisions their helicopter. From a standard styling available to all customers, to partnerships with world renown experts in this segments needs such as Hermes, Mercedes-Benz and Pegasus design, Airbus Helicopters can match aspiration to reality and, in the same way your car is an extension of your personal space, your helicopter can be an extension of your yacht."

By Ben Roberts