Alain Giudice Discusses the First Annual Faro Blanco Rendezvous

By Paul Joseph

At the forefront of the revamped Faro Blanco Resort & Yacht Club in Florida Keys has been Alain Giudice, the resort’s General Manager and one of the main pioneers behind the first annual Faro Blanco Rendezvous, which came to a close last weekend.

The Rendezvous was conceived to showcase the resort's stunning new amenities, which include a state-of-the-art marina able to accommodate yachts of up to 130 feet, a new yacht club, a 125-room hotel, a waterfront restaurant and bar, and a swimming pool and fitness club.

We sat down with Mr Giudice on the second day of the inaugural event to hear more about his ambitions for Faro Blanco and why he thinks the Rendezvous can help it return to the golden era that once marked it out as one of the most famous luxury resorts in America.

“I think that we really achieved the objectives by having all the brokers here visiting us,” he said. “They were able to really see what Faro Blanco is about and establish ourselves as a superyacht marina. Great destination, to Key West but also across the Bahamas, so they’re going to be very happy.

“It really is a great experience […] even some of our guests today have said to us, ‘I had a smaller boat, I came here with my family’, and now they have a larger yacht and they are very pleased to be able to bring their larger yacht to the new Faro Blanco.”

“In the 1950s this was a place which was very famous and because of the geography in the middle Keys it was a very logistic area for people to come here with their boat and stay here. The lighthouse has been here since the 50s. And because of the vision of Robert Spotswood and his family it took about ten years to be able to put this place back together. The credit is to them.

“It’s very important to maintain the originality of the place, but I think also for the boaters, the technical part of it, to be able to accommodate such a large vessel. But also these people are savvy, so they go to good restaurants, they want to come here, have their boats and want the service, so when they come to restaurants, they understand food, they understand wine. So we are trying to really accommodate and carry throughout the property the same calibre of service.”

You can watch the full video interview with Alain Giudice above this article.

By Paul Joseph