All Ocean Yachts announces the 90’ and 100’ Cockpit Explorer Yachts

By A. Frisby interviewed John DeCaro of All Ocean Yachts at the 2010 Monaco Yacht Show to discuss long range world cruising vessels, conversions and new builds.

Working with designer Luiz de Basto, All Ocean's new line of explorer superyachts will have “green notations” and a number of innovative features for conserving energy and using renewable materials.

"When I was creating the concept and working with Luiz de Basto on the design designed I decided to send it out to a group of owners and captains and posted it on the All Ocean Yachts website, in each of the development stages to request feedback on the features and systems.” Commented John DeCaro, “After incorporating these comments into the vessel during development I published the layouts and design features in several major yachting magazines, again requesting feed back on the design. We then took into consideration the input provided to move the project forward to the next level of design. As far as I have been able to research, this is the first time in the history of yacht design that input was requested from both owners and yacht professionals of all areas, captains, chefs, engineers, stewardess and deck hands in this open format, allowing direct involvement of the yacht public in the creation of a yacht."

He continues, "We ended up with a highly developed design, the feed back demonstrated that we needed a standard design envelope with 4 different general arrangements and the ability to mix and match sections to meet a clients requirements. This public input allowed us to create a vessel to meet use requirements and design features for a broad spectrum of owners and their professional crew to cruise All Oceans in safety and comfort."

John DeCaro is also featured in the “Big Boat Bible” as the expert on Explorer/Expedition /Long Range Yachts with an article regarding creating and brokerage of these types of vessels.

By A. Frisby