America's Cup 2017: The Draw for Superyachts

By Christina Tsangaris

The 35th Louis Vuitton America’s Cup in Bermuda will feature the fastest boats to ever participate in the thrilling 166 year history of the competition, each battling for the oldest trophy in international sport. We take a look at the highlights bringing record superyachts to the amphitheater of Bermuda this year.

The Superyachts
Sailors will gather once more to the crystaline waters of Bermuda for the finals in this year's edition of the world's greatest sailing event. What's more, is that a bespoke ring-side arena is being created for superyachts (such as the Maltese Falcon and Savannah), where owners and charter guests can feel a part of the action, both on and off the water. 

Speaking with CEO of the America's Cup Event Authority Russell Coutts during an exclusive interview in London, we discovered that - while still a secret - the superyacht attention for the America's Cup is unprecendented. “We are sold out on the America’s Cup Superyacht Program," explained Coutts. "We started off allowing up to 40 berths, we’ve had to increase that to 50 berths now and there’s more than 80 large yachts coming to Bermuda for the event."

The Concierge
The dedicated America’s Cup Superyacht Program was created by the America’s Cup Event Authority (ACEA), teaming up with BWA Yachting, bringing their knowledge, expertise, and the trust the superyacht community making them a perfect partner for the America’s Cup Superyacht Program in Bermuda in 2017. 

Stefano Tositti, CEO of BWA Yachting, commented, “Through our experience and expertise we look forward to delivering the America's Cup Superyacht Program, making it the experience of a lifetime for everyone who will join us at this exclusive event. [...]"

A world renowned marine services brand, BWA Yachting specialising in everything from organisation to making entire vacations work according to the demands of the owner. To watch our exclusive interview with Stefano Tositti, click here.

“The exclusive America’s Cup Superyacht Program will bring a stunning number of superyachts to Bermuda, and their owners, guests and crews will be welcomed as part of the America’s Cup family,” explained Laura Esteve, BWA Yachting’s VP Americas. “BWA Yachting is honored to be part of this family and we look forward to providing impeccable services to our elite clients.”

The Renewal
The America’s Cup Superyacht Program is also supported by the Bermuda Government, who are actively enticing superyachts to the area. New and impressive superyacht marinas have been built at the heart of the capital city, putting Bermuda on the map for superyachts. 

"They’re very proud of their island and they want to create the very best event they can for their guests," adds Coutts. "For instance, they’re building a dock by the airport allowing anyone flying in or out of the island, and especially for those who have their own superyacht in Bermuda, to be picked up upon arrival with their tender, to be delivered directly to their yacht. That, to me, is just part of a game changing experience that they’re looking to create for the long term."

Sam Hollis, COO of the ACEA, explains, “We have made great efforts to engage the global superyacht community and we are looking forward to showcasing some of the world’s biggest and most beautiful superyachts at the heart of our event. We are offering incredible access for owners, including front row viewing of the race course, premium berthing at America’s Cup Village and experiences and opportunities that, really, money can’t buy […]”

The America’s Cup Superyacht Program will also follow up on the hospitality front with a series of incorporated events where owners can particpate in everything from press conferences to their own regatta. Keep an eye out for more news of the America's Cup on the run up to Bermuda 2017.

By Christina Tsangaris