Amico & Co Increase Refit Facilities to Meet Demand

By Ben Roberts

Amico & Co has now completed the upgrade of three state-of-the-art refit and paint sheds in order to meet the demand of a very busy winter.

The facility, located in Genova, Italy, has been increased up to 22m in order to accommodate yachts of up to 60m after facing an increase in clients this winter. Thanks to regular customers and newly acquired projects, Amico & Co started the current season with eight paint projects o yachts up to 62m, seven technical refits on yachts from 35-56m and three major interiors, structural repairs and alterations from 24-70m.

All of Amico & Co’s sheds are now equipped with centralized systems as heating, overspray recovering, lighting, and all the other necessary utilities, including antenna TV and black water. This improvement now allows the hauling out, the transport indoor and the hull blocking of a 60m superyacht in only one working day from the vessels arrival.

Furthermore Amico & Co has already designed and planned the upgrading of the dry-dock shed, now capable of accommodating yachts up to 75m. The work planned to start in summer 2012 will increase the dry-dock shed both in length and height.

By Ben Roberts