An America's Cup Point Of View On The Perini Navi Cup

By Ben Roberts

Sailing is a true escape for any yachtsman looking to hoist the spinnaker to take on mother nature, and one of the biggest global sailing events is the America’s Cup. We spoke to America’s Cup legends, Russell Coutts and Paul Cayard during the 2015 Perini Navi Cup to find out what they think of life under sail on board a Perini Navi superyacht.

With Paul Cayard as tactician and Chris Draper at the helm of Rosehearty, the superyacht was a central hub for America’s Cup pedigree. “Sailing is a complex sport, and mother nature plays a big role with the wind,” explains Paul Cayard, Professional Sailor. “She was very kind to us today and we did a good job, so that’s how you win.”

“Perini Navis are the ultimate luxurious sailing yacht, and they’re large, Rosehearty is 182’ long but you’re still sailing, you’re still heeling over and feeling the spray. So you’re still feeling the elements of mother nature while you’re travelling in luxury, so it’s a great blend. The Perini family are lovely people and their personality is embedded in the boats.”

The final race was enhanced by extreme winds and high-octane racing across each yacht in the large fleet. Yachts heeling to the degree rails and windows were submerged in wake, propellers emerging from the water and spinnakers breaking were just some of the signifying events which took place in the final race.

“I grew up sailing in San Francisco bay and sailing every aspect of the sport, been to the Olympic Games twice, won the around the world race and been to the Americas Cup seven times so I’ve sampled all the different aspects and just started superyacht racing a couple of years ago.” adds Paul Cayard. “Sailing on Rosehearty is my second event, it’s great, it’s competitive and it’s great to see guests get insights into what we do for [a] career, strategy, tactics and when you put it all together on a day like today, they participate and you can see them smiling.”

Discussing the family feel behind the exclusive regatta was one of the biggest names in the America’s Cup heritage, Sir Russell Coutts: “Perini Navi yachts are absolutely spectacular and amazing, but also equally impressive is the organisation that you have behind this class and the friendship I’ve witnessed over the last few days has been amazing.”

The America’s Cup 2017 will take place in Bermuda, with races happening around the world leading up to the event. For more information on the 2017 event, watch our interview with Russell Coutts here, or to watch the closing race of the Perini Navi Cup, click here.

By Ben Roberts
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