An Interview with Francesco Paszkowski

By Ben Roberts

The owner’s requests were realized by designer Francesco Paszkowski, who offered us an in-depth insight into the creation of this impressive superyacht project.

You were the designer of the original two 65 meter Tankoa projects. How did you modify the original designs to achieve the 69.40m project? 
I did it with a lot pleasure and passion because it gave me the possibility to “revise and upgrade” some parts of the project that were to be revised to be more in line with today’s market trends, I hope.

The vertical transom has been replaced by a more traditional one and a lot of the vertical design elements have been replaced by curves. Do you feel this completely changed the philosophy of the yacht and the essence of the project?
I honestly believe that the project did not suffer negative modifications; at the opposite, it maintained its initial scheme and offers even better solutions. The layout was giving extreme privacy to the owner and his guests and this “evolution” of the initial project reinforces that aspect of the overall project.

This is not the first time you’ve worked with Tankoa. Is this a return to your “roots”, and has it made your collaboration with Tankoa easier with the 69m project?
Absolutely! Working with the same individuals who have been the spine of the Baglietto shipyard in Varazze from 1996 to 2004 with whom I did a number of unique projects is making my task (the realization of this project) very easy. Clearly much easier than it would be with a start-up shipyard and in general manner much easier than with most builders.

How would you characterize Tankoa Yachts as a builder compared to other builders?
I believe that the work methods at Tankoa can be compared with the one of most other yards. What I felt, though, is that with each person of their team, there is a profound wish to produce high quality work with personal implication and direct attention to every single detail. And I must confess this is something I only found, to that extend, with some highly experienced foreign builders. It really seems to me, Tankoa has the ambition to show the world that the Italian Excellence is alive in the yachting industry, not only in the fashion, the sport cars or the design spheres.

By Ben Roberts
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