Andrew Winch on 25 Years of High Quality Design

By Ben Roberts

Andrew Winch gives us an insight into the inspiration behind his work and how 25 years spent behind the scenes has helped evolve the designs of one of Britain’s most venerable studios.

You’ve been one of the top names in British design for over 25 years now, how has your style evolved?

“Our first project, 26 years ago, was to design the Swan 36ft sailing yacht deck and interior. The brief was to turn away from traditional dark interiors, and imprint an original stamp on the design. Unlike any other sailing yachts from this time, I felt it was essential to have space for friends to comfortably socialise both on deck and below. Since then, our project have grown significantly in size, but our desire to create an environment which our clients can enjoy without interrupting their lifestyles has remained.

Incorporating the latest technologies, and pushing the envelope of design is something that we at Andrew Winch Designs strive to achieve – each of our projects is totally unique and designed to fit our Client much like a bespoke Saville Row suit. The result is that our portfolio is diverse. From the strong, art deco design of Phoenix2, to the calming beachside Hamptons inspired motor yacht Cloud9, or sailing yacht Cyclos III and Hamilton II, each of our projects is totally unique.”

Do you believe the strength in your design comes from having a studio of talented designers behind you?

“Yes, unquestionably. I believe that the Andrew Winch Designs team is compiled of the most talented designers in the world. Within our team we have a variety of formally trained design disciplines – including yacht designers, car, transport and furniture designers, as well as yacht and land based architects, amongst several others. Working together we are continuously evolving our creativity, resulting in some of the most spectacular yachts, jets and properties in the world today!”

What advice would you give to new designers wanting to enter in to the world of superyacht design?

"There are three things that new designers require: persistence, talent and a pencil! All of our team work on both a drawing board and a CAD. I personally trained at St. Martin’s College of Art, and then Kingston College of Art in 3-Dimensional design. I feel that a grasp of dimensional and the ability to see things 3-Dimensionally, from a piece of furniture to a yachts superstructure are the core talents that our Studio looks for in new talent.”

How do you believe being based in Britain helps you as a designer / and (or) your studio in relation to designers around the world?

"In the 26 years we have always had our studio based on the river Thames, luckily London seems to be the centre of both design and Clients. Currently our team is comprised of Swiss, Slovenian, Australian, German, Swedish, Dutch and British team members – a truly cosmopolitan collection of cultures, personalities and talent."

Where do you derive inspiration from yourself?

"I am continuously inspired by everything that I see, hear and experience. However, nature never fails to inspire. From the smoothest pebble found on the beach to the power and curves of breaking waves, nature creates the most wonderful shapes that are hard to replicate. Early in my career I was taught the Golden Rule, which provided me with an understanding of how nature grows, in perfect proportion and balance. The concept for our latest project with Fincantieri Shipyard, the Virage 88, was inspired by a pebble found on a beach!"

What new projects do you have on the boards at the moment?

"Today, our yacht design work comprises of about 50% of Andrew Winch Designs projects, while aviation and architectural projects take up approximately 25% respectively, with each department working with our interiors division.

We are thrilled to have returned to our roots and are currently designed the interior of the bright and contemporary 108’ carbon composite sloop, Inoui no less than our thirty-third sailing yacht project … In addition, having started in 2006 the motor yacht project Rocky, this 85m is shortly to deliver as motor yacht Ace; with a complete design package of exterior, interior and decoration."

By Ben Roberts
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