Andrew Winch on Creating Equanimity’s Distinctive Lifestyle

By Paul Joseph

One of the most eagerly awaited yacht launches of the year, the 91-metre M/Y Equanimity was finally unveiled at the start of this year’s Monaco Yacht Show.

We sat down with renowned designer Andrew Winch, responsible for Equanimity’s stunning interior, to discuss the high profile project and also find out more about Mr Winch’s other projects.

“I started working with Oceanco on a yacht called Alfa IV and our relationship has continued to build,” he said. “Then with the new owners of Oceanco I was invited to do a 91.5-metre Explorer concept vessel to develop a new platform and develop a new idea.

“This was collaborating with the exterior team of Oceanco in Monaco and developing the lifestyle of the boat and the interior design of the boat.”

He continued: “It’s been going I think for nearly three years … she has a different lifestyle to I believe all other yachts before her. She’s proving very successful here at the show, lots of people admiring her.

“She has an Asian influenced interior which is good because that’s the style of interior and design of interior that the new owner really loves and is enjoying, and he’s been on board for nearly the last three months since he took delivery.”

You can watch the full video interview with Andrew Winch above this article.

By Paul Joseph