Andrew Winch On The New Designs & Launches Of 2016

By Ben Roberts

Winch Designs is the new title of Andrew Winch’s revered design studio, which is celebrating its 30th year over 2016. With a whole range of new and exciting projects on the drawing board, in the air, on land and emerging into the water, we caught up with Andrew Winch himself at the Top 100 Largest Yachts event in London to discuss the brand’s launches across the new year and how clients have been using their dream boats.

“[The Top 100] is a club of clients who all aspire to have the size of yacht, and I think our industry is lucky enough to build trophies for the wealthiest people, who want to do very diverse things. They may want a 100 Project to explore the far reaches of the world, one of our yachts recently did the northwest passage, others have been to patagonia and others have been around the Mediterranean and everywhere, that’s the exciting thing.

We’ve had recent yachts arrive in London through the tower bridge, so the diversity of the Top 100 client list is what they all want to do with their boats and the opportunity to create them.”

Andrew Winch and his extensive team has been using this opportunity to create some exciting projects emerging across the new year, including two yachts with Amels - the 74m and an 83m currently in construction - as well as a Lurssen project which is “one their very largest” set to embark on sea trials in the near future.

By Ben Roberts
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