Angela Pernsteiner on 20 Years of Dominator Yachts

By George Bains

With over 160 bespoke yachts sailing proudly in worldwide waters, Dominator Yachts celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year and is to present its largest ever yacht at Cannes next month. Angela Pernsteiner, Managing Partner of Dominator, took time to speak to about the unique philosophy that drives the Austro-Italian shipyard.

20 Years of Tailor-made Craftsmanship
Dominator’s ethos and success has evolved through a close attention to high-level individualisation that every owner wishes to have, no matter the size of the yacht. 

Our tireless dedication to bring industry-leading engineering and handcrafted elegance together in one 21st century yacht made us the go-to yard for a limited number of bespoke boats every year, ranging from 20 to 40 metres,” says Angela Pernsteiner. “Especially over the last five years, all the efforts in every department were put into being different from mass producers: collaborating with the top experts, universities and research institutions in their field to ensure that every yacht engineered and built is at the cutting edge of engineering and design, in order to offer yachts that are powerful, thrilling, beautiful and safe.”

Through the meticulous research carried out behind the scenes, Dominator offers owners an upscale high-tech construction that is known only to be used on mega yachts. “With the new construction method of fibreglass, the Dominator Ilumen series does not only offer 10 years of warranty to the structure but also an infinite choice of completely bespoke colour choices.”

No Limitations
It is therefore no surprise that Dominator is a favourite among experienced yacht owners, who appreciate the yard’s ability to provide a one-stop shop with fully-individualised specifications that remove limitations.

 “An experienced owner appreciates this high flexibility of Dominator to cater the individual clients’ needs in relatively small sizes. On the competition level, serial mass producers can only satisfy such requirements by charging a huge extra cost or they cannot satisfy individual structural changes in the yachts at all.”

Be Bold
“’BeBold’ and ‘Combine Extremes for Unique Results’ were not a coincidence nor a random choice for the motto of the 20 years brand anniversary. It is in fact the epitome of the brand identity that we have lived, developed and therefore incorporated every day in all our activities since we have combines the Austro-Italian worlds. The female team members’ DNA and every day motto is #BeBold in order to demonstrate knowledge, mental stamina and continuous technical development in this male-dominated industry.”

Dominator pursues a combination of contradictions to the extreme, something that stems naturally from a boutique family yard with a bespoke approach and international reach.

We were not only the first ones worldwide in the luxury and yachting industries to develop a fully immersive VR experience, but the overall project Ilumen is like tying a knot between very different, contrasting worlds and ideas… We tied a knot between young, tireless and entrepreneurial people and older, experienced craftsmen. More than anything, we knotted two very different cultures – Austrian and Italian – which proved to be our most unique treasure: to melt the structures and the creativity, the rules and the emotions, the colder Northern European and the passionate Southern European in one pot.”

The ‘Lederhosen’ and ‘Prada’ Moods
The seamless merging of contradictory approaches is apparent in what Angela Pernsteiner describes as the two ‘moods’ that the Dominator team work in.

Everyone in our team can and loves to be in the ‘Lederhosen-Mood’, which means feet on the ground, supporting in production and being the entrepreneur, wearing five different hats at the same time that a small team sometimes demands. In the next moment, we are equally confident in the ‘Prada-Mood’ showing our handcrafted masterpieces at the boatshows, having international artists perform at our events and brainstorming together with our clients in their villas about the next projects.”

Bigger and Bolder
Since the Dominator Ilumen concept was first presented at Cannes Yachting Festival in 2016, the Ilumen yachts have amassed an impressive collection of awards including Best Innovation at the Cannes World Yacht Trophies. This year, Dominator will unveil the in-construction 42 metre TriDeck on Friday of this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival. The 42 metre superyacht is intended to emulate its predecessors at the World Yacht Trophy, and encapsulates Dominator’s approach that “genius is measured by quality and innovation, not quantity.”

"An experienced owner appreciates the high flexibility of Dominator to cater the individual clients' needs in relatively small sizes"

Angela Pernsteiner, Managing Partner Dominator Yachts


"An experienced owner appreciates the high flexibility of Dominator to cater the individual clients' needs in relatively small sizes"

Angela Pernsteiner, Managing Partner Dominator Yachts
By George Bains
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