Arc Lite Power Acquire Knight & Carver Shipyard

By Ben Roberts

Arc-Lite Power, specialists in hybrid marine technology, has reportedly bought Knight & Carver Maritime in an attempt to increase hybrid developments in the San Diego company’s superyacht refit and repair services.

Arc-Lite Power, also based in San Diego, and its sister company, EnergyTech Marine, are renowned suppliers of hybrid power systems for repowers as well as new build superyacht projects. Arc-Lite Power is now preparing to invest up to $30 million in the Knight & Carver shipyard; producers of yachts such as the 83’ HD-X hybrid vessel.

After being given the Environmental Award at last year’s IBEX Innovation Awards for the HD-X hybrid vessel, the judges noted, “the real genius of the PowerCore Hybrid-Ion Energy Propulsion System is in the electrical management that automatically handles charging and balancing while underway. Not just an electric motor with lithium-ion batteries, this hybrid drive system is the only complete end-to-end commercial-grade hybrid energy and propulsion system for marine vessels.”

As a result of this acquisition, Knight & Carver will now reportedly be the world’s first global hybrid superyacht conversion and certification centre. Furthermore, it will hose manufacturing for Arc Lite Power’s propulsion systems alongside a line of 83 HD-X Yachts.

By Ben Roberts