Arcadia Entry Level Explorer Facing Huge Demand

By Ben Roberts

With world-capable superyachts on the water such as Ulysses and Cloudbreak epitomising the lifestyle of the modern explorer, Arcadia is presenting the world with the option of an entry level explorer known as the ‘SHERPA’.

While sailing under the size brackets of most superyachts, this award-winning innovation brings the owner to the edges of the earth in complete luxury over 17.70 metres.

Unveiled in January 2016, Arcadia has since received orders for four vessels which are now under construction. With owners spreading across Europe and America, the appeal of SHERPA is already proving both rapid and wide-spread.

“Once again Arcadia Yachts has been able to surprise by launching for the first time something novel. A ‘small / large yacht’ with a futuristic design still missing in the array of products offered in the yachting arena,” explains Ugo Pellegrino – President of Arcadia Yachts.

“A smart and compact boat, which, thanks to her characteristics in relation to her size … SHERPA represents an alternative solution for those who prefer the tranquility of cruising at 18-20 knot … for those who consider low consumption an added value … for those who want to enjoy and have their guests enjoy the luxury of large convivial outdoor areas or the serene conversations on comfortable sofas during cruising.”

Arcadia are also building a 100ft yacht as part of their new expanded range with all the distinctive style, lifestyle and eco-credentials the GRP yacht builder is known for.

By Ben Roberts
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