Architects of Efficiency: Laurent Giles Unveil HEMY

By Ben Roberts

The latest concept to emerge from Laurent Giles comes in the form of HEMY (High Efficiency Motor Yacht), a 110-metre superyacht concept which takes ‘long, lean, low and light’ to new lengths.

“The concept was to start with a typical 70-75m yacht and lengthen the hull to offer increased interior volume and remain within a 3000GT limit,” explains David Lewis, Managing Director of Laurent Giles. “Not only does the HEMY offer increased accommodation volume, but with its more efficient length/beam ratio and lighter displacement/length it offers significant improvements in performance and seakeeping”

The naval architecture of HEMY provides high length and beam ratios while maintaining low displacements, creating an efficient and stable superyacht with increased accommodation space.

The hull itself creates low hydrodynamic drag, enhanced by low simple superstructures to reduce windage drag and an advanced hybrid diesel electric propulsion system. The low, aerodynamically efficient superstructure helps to keep the centre of gravity low, which means the hull has good form stability despite its slender beam of 12.5m; a dedicated vision of low, lean and long.

“The HEMY concept with the same power as a typical 75m achieves speed improvements of 2-3 knots, or to put it another way achieves the same cruising or top speed for about 65% of the power, with corresponding savings in fuel consumption,” adds Lewis.

The HEMY also features helipad and hangar, huge tenderbay, swimming pool and expansive beach club with space for 32 crew, accommodated with dedicated gymnasium.  Celebrating 90 years, the iconic naval architecture studio is continues to fuel design and creativity with high-grade engineering and architecture.

By Ben Roberts