Architettura d’Interni On A Marriage of Light And Matter

By Paul Joseph

FM - Architettura d’Interni are world leaders in the field of interior design, having applied their talents to such lavish venues as the Shangri-La hotel in London and the Beirut Penthouse in Lebanon.

But the Italian company also boasts an unrivalled reputation for its work on luxury yachts and it was this legacy that brought co-owners Francesca Muzio and Maria Silvia Orlandini to this year’s Monaco Yacht Show.

Speaking to us at the Official Breaking News Centre, we began by asking the duo about their latest project, a 63 metre yacht by Italian shipyard Benetti.

“It’s an interesting boat,” said Ms Muzio, “because there is a marriage between light and matter. The owner’s brief was to have a boat with a lot of light, a lot of panoramic views, and I think this is the leitmotif of the boat.

“And then the second brief was to have an atmospheric boat, with round faces, so all the corners have to be rounded and not squared. The colour palette was pure, white, simple and clean, so this was quite challenging at the beginning because to make an interesting boat with quite a simple concept was quite difficult.

“So we said, ok we have to do something which is smooth and these lines they follow all the boat, We found it was crucial that it didn’t have any joints in between the corners and we sat with the shipyard artisans for a long time to find a way to design and produce something that was very soft.”

You can watch the full video interview with Francesca Muzio & Maria Silvia Orlandini above this article.

By Paul Joseph