Aston Martin Yachting Unveiled at the 2014 MYS

By Ben Roberts

Aston Martin and Coste Design have joined forces to create Aston Martin Yachting. Launched at the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show, Aston Martin revealed the new catamaran concept at a private event in the Monte Carlo Casino using holograms to signify a new era of yacht creation from the most revered automotive brand in the world.

“When you marry these two worlds, taking the best of each, then you can do something different”, explains Jean Jacques Coste. “This has never happened before with the automotive industry and the yachting industry, because it was always just a badge on an existing product. Today, Mark and me are working together under the same roof. It’s a team.”

Coste Design and Aston Martin are forwarding a new form of luxury in the shape of a catamaran designed by a leading multi-hull creator and the iconic engineering prowess of Aston Martin.

“We have very very similar values,” adds Marek Reichman, Design Director of Aston Martin. “In fact that they are the same values, but one on the water, and one on the road but we marry them together.”

The first catamaran concept is a reflection upon the future design focus for the collaboration, energy, performance, comfort and style.

“Today, energy is a measurable issue on our planet,” explains Jean Jacques Coste when discussing the eco-friendly format of multi-hulls. “You need less energy to go the same speed, the concept is eco-friendly, but then you get other advantages of comfort and performance.”

“There’s much work to do, but this is really the beginning of a great future.”

By Ben Roberts