Astondoa’s Jewel: The 120 Century Marks 100 Years

By Claudine Derksen

To mark Astondoa’s 100 year anniversary, the shipyard has announced their new model, the 120 Century. The Century range showcases a distinct, streamlined appeal, boasting unique features across all models, which now culminates in their largest project yet.

Featuring inverted glass at the front of the bridge which Astondoa describe as “in the shape of a shark’s head”, the 120 is the pinnacle of the Spanish yard's experience in the yachting market and offers unbridled luxury for those looking to the 30-40 metre market.

Described by the shipyard as the new “jewel of the range” the 120 Century imitates many of the style elements from the modern Century range (such as the 110) but well-defined in its own right.

The 37.40-meter Cristiano Gatto-designed superyacht boasts a beam of 8.30 meters leaving a spacious upper deck with a sky lounge surrounded by further luxurious features to entertain guests including a solarium and swimming pool.

Exploring the main floor, the owner can find their full beam cabin in addition to a lounging area boasting an ample amount of natural light beaming from the far-reaching windows. Below, the interior layout features 4 or 5 luxurious cabins (dependent on the Owner’s choice).

Furthermore, the indoor and outdoor spaces have been carefully designed to amplify the yacht’s size and comforts. A modernized stern meant room for a beach club with a huge garage with a side opening.

With the first unit now under construction, we eagerly await for the 120 Century to take to the waters of Spain in Spring 2019.

By Claudine Derksen