Atreides Luxury Yacht Concept

By B. Roberts

The Atreides Luxury Yacht has brought a whole new school of thought to luxury water sports with an extendable pool in the aft section.

Integrating a retractable pool in a sleek and sporty superyacht has given a different dimension to luxury yachting. The Atreides Luxury Yacht gives the opportunity to swim in the great expanses of the ocean with all the protection you need from sea-creatures.

Albeit not a brand new idea, it is a very different incarnation to what has come before. Vuk Dragovic’s design brings safety and convenience to luxury yachting alongside the sheer enjoyment of a see through bottom to spy on the abyss.

The design of the superyacht itself offers curving natural lines and a general feeling of speed. The sharp bow conjures an image of performance ability but with the evident devotion to luxury.

By B. Roberts