Azimut Sells Leonardo 100 At 2015 Hainan Rendez-Vous

By Ben Roberts

The 2015 China Rendez-Vous taught us that in order for the market to reach its full potential, time, education and attention is required; however, Azimut Yachts have now announced that the cultural turn toward yachting is well-underway with the sale of a new Leonardo 100.

Continuing to grow in the chinese market, with a 10% upward growth rate recorded last year in China, Azimut Yachts has announced the successful sale of a Leonardo 100 during the final days of the 2015 China Rendez-Vous.

A brand which perfectly reflects market demands in China, Azimut Yachts presented five boats behind a brand-new stand by Studio Michele De Lucchi, the Italian Architecture studio.

The new Stand Image is part of a worldwide operation at Azimut Company of delivering a new Brand Image associated to Lifestyle and to Made in Italy excellence in the Luxury World, clearly visible at all levels of marketing actions.

The Chinese market is an ongoing sector, watched closely by the yachting industry, and recent activity at the show is pointing at a promising future for the market.

Stay tuned for our interview with Azimut Yachts on the docks of the 2015 China Rendez-Vous.

By Ben Roberts