Azimut Yachts On China’s Need for Service Development

By Paul Joseph

Whatever your opinion on China’s hopes of becoming a major player in the superyacht world, there are few who disagree about the importance of infrastructure.

Without the necessary foundations in place, no country would be able to cope with the logistical mountain that goes hand in hand with large-scale yacht ownership.

It was a point pressed home by Marco Valle, Azimut Yachts Sales Director, when we caught up with him at the recent 2015 China Rendez-Vous.

“Azimut has a heritage in China,” he began. “They’ve been working for the last 15 years in this area, even when the market wasn’t even built and we set a company in Shanghai providing marketing, service and after sales activities, and the result is that we have the biggest presence at the moment in China, and I’m talking about mainland China.

“Let’s say it’s spread out, from smaller boats up to bigger boats, so we deliver a 34 and a few months ago an 88, so basically each kind of client and we also customise the boat for Chinese needs. We have the Dragon Series – it’s a boat that has been built just for this market, for Chinese clients.

“They need some infrastructure in terms of service, they need a little bit of knowledge of the product in terms of captains, service, activities relating to the product itself. What we can provide as a company is the full package for all that – not only the product itself but everything related to that kind of nautical environment.

“The market is growing. Not so fast, but it’s growing. But the potential for the coming tears is something that we can expect to be similar to, let’s say, America at a certain point. We have to be here, and we will be here.”

You can watch the full video interview with Marco Valle above this article.

By Paul Joseph
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