Bannenberg & Rowell Unveils 50m Sub-500GT Project Isola

By Jenna Mehdi

Devised in collaboration with Dutch architects Azure, Bannenberg & Rowell Design has unveiled the 50m aptly named superyacht Project Isola.

As is typical for the British design studio, Project Isola is not only a carefully thought-out articulation of owner’s wishes and modern trends in design. This is a superyacht with a story - a project which speaks to the zeitgeist of a post-pandemic world.

‘Think of her as an island for current times, carefully conceived,’ the designers said in a statement. While the rest of the world has been locked down, the team has been hard at work - striving to conceive a project which meets the designers’ optimum length and space requirements while steering clear of the 500GT threshold. Enter Project Isola. 

A perfect harmony between the competing themes of free, open exterior spaces and private, secure interiors, every inch of the 50m superyacht has been carefully calculated.

Azure Naval Architects have ‘future-proofed’ Project Isola with a hybrid propulsion system, highly-efficient hull form and optimised performance throughout.   

An evolution of the 43m Estrade released last year, Bannenberg & Rowell has equipped Project Isola with a streamlined profile and elongated aft fit for 9m tender storage and a flush swimming pool. 

As the designers put it: ‘Life may feel like uncharted waters at the moment, but there is a future to see over that strangely clear horizon.’ For owners ready to reclaim lost time with a new superyacht, Isola is the perfect home-at-sea on which to do so.

By Jenna Mehdi
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