Bavaria on the Catalyst Behind China's Sailing Revival

By Ben Roberts

Walking us through the classic cruising, sailing and power yachts on display with Bavaria Yachts is Reanna Wang, Business Development Manager of JetSet Marine. With sailing becoming more of a serious focus in China, we find out about the factors behind the new search for life under sail.

“The whole sailing or boating culture started more than 10 years ago […] the whole market picked up after 2009. At that time the customers were from real estate developers who tried to buy bigger yachts to show off their status in society.

That’s why the market was more focussed was on bigger yachts […] it was for a period of 3-4 years, but now the market comes to a more realistic and healthy development. More and more people want the on-the-water lifestyle.”

The increased demand for sailing has lead to high levels of sales across Bavaria, and with a more realistic market and established buyer, this is an important time for the Chinese market. Watch the full video for more information.

By Ben Roberts