Beneteau Give a Clear Snapshot of the Chinese Market

By Ben Roberts

One of the world leading mid-range power and sailing yacht builders, Beneteau perfectly match the demands of the modern Chinese client. Speaking with Asia Director Thibaut de Montvalon, we get a closer look into exactly what kind of yachts are selling, and why.

“What we see is that it’s definitely quieter to two or three years ago in terms of activity,” explains Thibaut de Montvalon. “Even if they have the power to buy a large yacht, they tend to make more of a reasonable investment which is buying something in the mid-range.”

The investment in mid-range yachting is reflective of the nascent market, but with each year the turn toward the water evolves and new trends emerge; the most recent of which is sailing.

“We used to sell 80 footers and now we’re more 50-60 feet, simply because buyers have a different profile here. Sailing yachts are still popular, and there are more and more people taking sailing lessons and participating in regattas, we see a real dynamic in sailing.”

With Monte Carlo Yachts - a new member of the Beneteau Group - providing the larger end of the spectrum and Beneteau doing what they do best, the market is seemingly boundless even with the recent downturn in activity.

By Ben Roberts