Benetti & RWD On New Projects Breaking The 100

By Ben Roberts

The heritage of Benetti has made a path for countless owners to take to the sea in true style; however, the revered Italian shipyard’s plans to enter the Top 100 is well underway with a number of exciting new projects ranging from the upcoming 90 metre launch to above 100 metres.

We spoke with Vincenzo Poerio, CEO of Benetti, and Toby Ecuyer, Creative Director of Redman Whiteley Dixon, to find out more about the move toward the Top 100.

“We’ve had a fairly long standing relationship with Benetti,” explains Toby Ecuyer, “we did a very customised boat a few years ago which was nothing like the Benetti range so we’re carrying on in that spirit. We’ve developed a 107 metre boat, again with all the same design criteria we would put into anything, but working with the guys from Benetti we’ve developed that and made it a true collaboration between the two.”

This year is still top secret phase for the yard, but with a number of new projects under construction and set to emerge from the Italian yard, we asked about the process of bringing Italian elegance to the larger sector.

“More and more clients want the bigger boat,” concludes Vincenzo Poerio, “so we decided to take to take this opportunity and now we are in the Top 100 [...] Italian elegance can go from zero to the size you like.”

Watch the full video above for an insight into the creative processes pushing Benetti to a new level of luxury on the water.

By Ben Roberts
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