Benetti Appoints New Manager to Focus on Superyachts

By Ben Roberts

In an effort to increase current focus on the burgeoning superyacht sector, the shareholders of Azimut|Benetti have today appointed Mr. Christos Ramnisalis as General Manager of the 'Benetti Megayachts Business Line'.

Shareholders in Benetti - the Vitelli family and TIP (Tamburi Investment Partners) in agreement with Benetti CEO Mr. Vincenzo Poerio - are supporting further research and development of large yacht projects by enforcing a dedicated division.

Mr. Ramnisalis, now General Manager of that division, has extensive experience in the yachting sector and has, for more than a decade, been a partner of Benetti in his role as Head of the Global Sales and Service Group of MTU / Rolls Royce Power Systems.

“We are confident that the appointment of Mr. Ramnialis will enhance Benetti’s competitive position and leadership, in all existing and new markets, and will contribute to further expansion into the promising giga yacht segment,” explains a report from the shareholders released today.

With a 100-metre+ superyacht readying for launch in 2018, and another in construction, Benetti will continue to grow and enhance its historic and varied product range across the future with a new push toward the superyacht end of the spectrum.

By Ben Roberts
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