Benetti Introduce Three New Yacht Launches Over 2015

By Ben Roberts

News from the Benetti Shipyard has highlighted the emergence of three amazing vessels, all appearing in the first quarter of 2015 and entering into the final phases of construction. Measuring from 50 - 63 metres, these launches each present an achievement for both the yard and the owner in their own unique way.

At almost 50m in length, Vica is the first Benetti yacht built with hybrid technology. Consisting of a fiberglass hull and an aluminium superstructure, the sculptural and flexible qualities of this yacht lend themselves to client customisation. It is a decidedly mediterranean vessel featuring spacious exteriors, large decks both to the bow and stern of the upper deck, as well as an enormous sun deck. Vica ensures a comfortable hull performance, which is practically vibration free and silent, thanks to a special elastic connection between the engines and prop shaft.

The exteriors have large full-height windows as well as three removable panels, a feature which is unique to Vica. Another unique feature on board is the retractable staircase which can be extended directly to the water exclusively for the boat owner’s use.

With four guest cabins on the lower deck, an owner’s suite towards the bow and an additional cabin on the upper deck, the layout has been designed to create a home on the water. Completing this feel is the interior styling which uses myriad complimentary materials and evocative lighting.

The FB264 is a 63.5m steel and aluminium yacht which is 100% custom built for private use. The vessel is designed as an “honest to goodness home on the sea”, starting with the internal layout: apart from the saloon on the main deck there are no large common spaces but rather small, intimate ones.

Only the finest materials are used by the extreme complexity of the workmanship. There are many metal inlays, transparent glass drawers, and other elements that required highly sophisticated woodworking skills, a complex undertaking even for the expert craftsmanship at the shipyard.

Surpina is a 56 metre by 10.8-metre yacht with an instantly striking profile. The aesthetic impact of the exteriors is the direct result of the boat owner's functional requirements. Unlike most Benetti yachts of this size, the stern areas of the main and upper decks are not open. Instead, they are glazed with large windows that hide the main deck living area and the upper deck gym adjacent to the boat owner suite. The interiors are classic Italian.

The layout includes seven guest cabins plus the boat owner suite. The atmosphere is warm without being heavy, with wood contrasting with white carpet and marble, for an intimate and relaxing environment. Foremost among the materials is the elm root panelling with mahogany, walnut, and rosewood detailing. One of the yacht's hallmarks is the "precious" period furniture requested by the boat owner - each piece with its own history and a celebration of Italian craftsmanship. 

By Ben Roberts
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