Benetti Launches Third Diamond 44M Lucky Wave

By George Bains

Iconic Italian shipyard Benetti Yachts has launched its third Diamond 44M superyacht from its historic 56-metre inclined slipway. Unique for yachts of this size, the slipways is still fully functional at the historic shipyards of Viareggio.

LUCKY WAVE is the third unit of Benetti’s Diamond 44M model, designed to improve not only onboard lifestyle for the owners and guests, but also the entire crew. The fiberglass flagship of the Benetti Class category, Diamond 44M boasts a 102 sqm Sun Deck, the largest on the market for a yacht this size, as well as a sophisticated ventilation system to ensure clean air throughout.

Benetti workers and management were afforded time to take pride in their work as Lucky Wave touched water for the first time in Viareggio. Authorities and onlookers flocked to attend the ceremony which was rich in Benetti traditions.

The hull, designer by Giorgio M. Cassetta, tapers up to meet the large windows, which flood the luxurious interiors with light. The layout separates guest and crew paths, as in the best seafaring tradition, and the exceptional 102 sqm Sun Deck achieves a new level of liveability.

Onboard comfort is further enhanced by innovative solutions that reduce noise and vibrations to a minimum, from the transmission system with elastic joints and thrust bearings, to the floorboards and floating bulkheads on all decks, down to the valve bypass of the engines and soundproofing of the exhaust pipes in the main areas.

The yacht is finished in a manner fitting to the tradition of excellence held by Benetti, with a classic white exterior aesthetic and hand-polished bridges that embrace artisan traditions.

By George Bains
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