Benetti Launches Top 100 Giga Yacht FB275

By Anna Solomon

All eyes in the industry are once again on Benetti, as they unveil the latest yacht in the exciting Giga series that has unfolded over the last few months. The influx of 100m+ yachts to come out of the shipyard has been dubbed ‘Giga season’, and the latest installment is 108m FB275.

Benetti have become known the industry over for their expertise in building large boats. The production of three Top 100 yachts in a matter of months is testament to the continued confidence in the Benetti brand, the momentum of which shows little sign of stopping.

The third Giga yacht hit the water today at a technical launch ceremony in the Livorno shipyard to mark the beginning of the illustrious career ahead of the 108m. Attended by an exclusive huddle of press, industry professionals and friends of the shipyard, and of course Benetti CEO Franco Fusignani and Founder Paolo Vitelli, the celebration was heralded by confetti cannons, fluttering Italian flags and glorious sunshine.

FB275 is the largest yacht to ever come out of the shipyard and has been designed by RWD. Even at first glance, it is clear that she is another worthy standard bearer of the range and prime example of Benetti’s second-to-none yacht building capacity.

This project, like other iconic Giga builds FB277 and FB272, has been a long time in the making. After thousands of hours of work and the involvement of hundreds of suppliers, FB275 is a remarkable achievement for the shipyard.

Bolstered by two new generation steel structure sheds that have enabled Benetti to increase its productivity, we look forward to see the shipyard continue to pioneer in the realm of yachts over 100m.

For more, watch the full video and interview with Paolo Vitelli above. 

By Anna Solomon
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