Benetti On The Required Education For Growth In China

By Ben Roberts

One of the forerunning yacht builders in the Asian market, given their thirty years of investment of time and dedication, Azimut-Benetti’s offices in Hong Kong looks after the brand’s establishment in the region. Joining us at the 2014 China Rendez-Vous, Giordano Pellacani, General Manager of the Superyacht Division for the Azimut-Benetti Group, joined us at the Breaking News Centre to discuss the education required for the Chinese market to bloom.

“Now we have to start the next step,” explains Giordano Pellacani, “we have to teach the Chinese what will be the future, so they can feel it […] in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, people already know how to use the yachts. China, we need to spend a little bit more time. So we need to have more boats coming in, and have people showing and talking to their friends how they can use the boats [and] how they can enjoy the boats.”

One of China’s main issues prohibiting the growth of the yachting market is the lack of facilities and exposure to the yachting lifestyle; however, this is changing. As more movement slowly begins to take place in the market, more initiatives are being put forward by the superyacht industry to support their future investment in the region.

After delivering two 55 metre yachts to Asian clients last year, Benetti is perfectly placed to offer their expertise in the practice of building yachts for the region’s high-net-worths. With everything between 93 feet models on display to a 99 metre yacht under construction in Italy, Benetti has always been, and will continue to be, a shipyard to watch out for in the future.

By Ben Roberts
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