Best Charter Destinations of the Year

By Catriona Cherrie

As 2018 draws to a close, we take a look in these final weeks at some of our featured destinations from the year. From sun-drenched Hawaii to snow-capped Alaska, we take the trek across the globe and look in-depth at some of the most favourable and exciting destinations you can take a superyacht.

Antigua & Barbuda

As seen in the Antigua & Barbuda INDepth publication, the small Caribbean islands off the coast of the Americas have their own charm and soul that is seen in the beautiful landscapes, friendly locals and prosperous energy. Antigua’s spectacular landscapes include a dazzling coastline packed with charming harbour towns and fishing villages, a protective and nearly unbroken wall of coral reef, and a different beach for every day of the year.

Until recently Antigua was only really known for Antigua Sailing Week, which takes place from the end of April to the beginning of May, a world-class regatta which brings many important vessels and esteemed sailors to the area to compete. Now, she has been uncovered as one of the hidden gems of the Caribbean and is slowly drawing in visitors from all corners of the Earth who seek private tranquillity.


As with Antigua & Barbuda, Montenegro has recently come into the spotlight thanks to our INDepth spread on the tiny country. Small and unassuming, Montenegro is an up and coming superyacht hub, a paradise for those seeking a quieter break away from reality, away from swarms of tourists and into a small nation where privacy is upheld and peace and tranquillity can always be found.

From mountain ranges to still lakes and quaint villages and cultural towns, Montenegro is quintessentially European in its culture and open, welcoming nature. Montenegro truly makes for an awe-inspiring sight with her incredible scenery and makes for a diverse luxury destination. One can take in a colourful festival one day, and the next be in a secluded log cabin on a small lake surrounded only be emerald pines and clear blue skies.


Alaska, the northernmost state of the United States of America, makes for a magical charter adventure – its rugged wilderness is the perfect landscape for extreme sports and for the ultimate in luxurious outdoor experiences.  An untamed country of breath-taking beauty, her geography ranges from towering snow-capped mountains to icy fjords with crashing waterfalls, to blossoming meadows and quaint villages gathered under the Northern Lights.

Stay on land in a sumptuously decorated cosy log cabin, or in a secret lodge in the Alaskan mountainscape – think Bearskin rugs, plush sofas and plump cushions next to a roaring fire after a day of skiing or snowboarding or taking in the sights of a national park from a seaplane.


Hawaii is truly the destination for thrill-seekers and those seeking relaxation alike. Hawaii has everything from snow-white sand beaches with cocktails on demand to incredible aquatic adventures metres away. You could be snorkelling or diving with giant manta rays and sea turtles in the azure waters off the coast of Maui at the Molokini Crater.

For the true daredevils, you could take your diving gear over to Hulop’oe Bay to dive amongst the sharks at 'The Cathedrals', or kayak to a deserted offshore island such as Lanai to visit the Garden of the Gods, or take your superyacht for a turn around the islands to watch for whales and Hawaiian monk seals. Anything is possible at this incredible collection of islands and Hawaii can truly call itself a superyacht owner’s paradise.

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are not your typical island paradise in appearance nor in their inhabitants. Known to be the home of ancient tales, this isolated group of volcanic islands looks more like the moon than an idyllic scene from a postcard. But for those who are willing to seek out the wonders of the islands, they will uncover a treasure trove of experiences in this secluded wonderland.

Home to an astonishing variety of endemic species — enough to inspire a theory of origin that would change the world — this archipelago is also one of the few places on earth where adventurers can observe unafraid wildlife up close. This destination is perfect for those travelling by luxury superyacht, as accommodation is easily located wherever you decide to anchor around this maze-like archipelago, and as of yet is not particularly heavy with tourism.

By Catriona Cherrie